Strictly Terriers
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Gallery of Dogs
Please take a look at some of our lively dogs, and browse our Boxer dog pictures below:

Rocky is a playful, energetic, and loving Boxer. He is a lap dog, and loves to cuddle. 

Bear is very mischievous, and has a substantial amount of energy. She loves to expend her energy running around the property, and chasing rabbits.
Dodger is very loyal, and took a very short time to train. He gets along wonderfully with other dogs, and people.
Stella is rambunctious and playful. She loves playing with all of the other dogs, but also likes a lot of love and attention as well.

Dafney is just a bundle of energy. She is always exploring, is very brave, and likes new smells, people, and experiences. 
 Jack is a mellow dog. He'll spend his time laying in the grass, with a watchful eye on the other dogs and puppies.